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We are free souls, romantics passionate about the sea and everything it has to offer us. Sailors since infancy, the sea is our element, the wind the fragrance that perfumes our lives. We soak up the satisfaction of sailing every day and having the privilege of being able to share it with you.
Because there is nothing more beautiful than transmitting what you love.

The Sailing School Las Antipodas is also, since its inception, a center recognized by the
Royal Spanish Sailing Federation. and all its monitors are qualified with excellent training.




Augusto Brunet - FOUNDER & MENTOR

Augusto Brunet had a dream more than 40 years ago when he first discovered sailing: to transmit the magic and energy of this magnificent sport to as many people as possible and put an end to the image of an elitist sport accessible only to a few. "To sail, all you need is something that floats and the desire to sail." In 1978 he founded one of the first sailing schools in Spain "Las Antipodas". Author of 5 books for beginners to sailing, his most recent is "Initiation Notes for Catamaran Sailing".

Unfortunately, Augusto left us physically on June 6, 2009. His spirit will remain forever in the Antipodes and in our hearts.

Tato Brunet


Tato Brunet - CO-OWNER

Tato, born in 1981, is what we could call "Second generation of sailing instructors". His father Augusto Brunet was able to pass on to him all his knowledge and his passion for sailing throughout their 41 years of life together. Today he have been teaching sailing for more than 25 years, enjoying each of his classes. Spanish Catamaran runner-up and 7th ranked in the HobieCat World Championship. He was Vicky Sánchez's coach and trainer. He lived with passion the beginnings of the Kite and he is doing the same today with the Wing Foil. And it is that if it involves wind and sliding... It is aimed!


Vicky Sanchez

Vicky Sánchez - DIRECTOR & CO-OWNER

Vicky is vitality, sympathy, humility and happiness in its purest form and she has no qualms about expressing it and also in a very contagious way. She is the co-owner and director of the center. Vicky combines work at school with her career as a professional windsurfer, having become the 2009 IFCA Freestyle World Champion in Brazil. With a degree in Marine Biology, she is also passionate about surfing, SUP, wakeboarding, diving and now she is truly hooked on Wing Foil.

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Pitu Brunet - ADVISER

Pitu Brunet has spent his whole life sailing in everything navigable. Until the age of 18 he was competing in Windsurfing in the discipline of Slalom. Among his extensive sports record we find 3 times runner-up in Junior Windsurfing (slalom), 2 times runner-up in Spain in Catamaran, a victory in the Copa del Rey.

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If you are over 18 years old, have a sailing instructor certificate, have plenty of experience, are outgoing, love teaching and transmitting this fantastic sport, write us an e-mail with your personal details, resume and some photos. Join the Antipodas Team and share with us this privileged job in an atmosphere of incredible good vibes!!


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Vicky Sánchez

Vicky Sánchez E-360
2009 IFCA Freestyle World Champion

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